The 10 Best Monitors for Work and Gaming in 2022

Whether optimizing daily productivity or pursuing gaming glory, having a quality monitor enhances the experience. Rapid panel innovations now deliver stunning 4K clarity, buttery smooth frame rates, and essential ergonomic adjustments from affordable packages’ve thoroughly tested the top contending monitors suitable for office work through immersive after-hours gaming sessions to reveal the very best options. Premium picks boast cutting-edge specs tailored specifically towards content creation or esports. While value selections still provide sharp visuals with ergonomic flexibility on a budget.  Here are the 10 best monitors for work and gaming to upgrade your desk in 2022: Best 4K Monitor: LG 32UN880

    • 31.5″ Ultra HD 4K Panel

    • USB-C 90W Host Charging

    • Ultra-thin bezels

    • Height/Pivot/Swivel Adjustable

With a gorgeous minimalist design featuring slim bezels and a height-adjustable stand, the LG 32UN880 sets itself apart aesthetically before even powering on. But the color-calibrated 31.5 inch IPS panel hiding behind elevates immersion with expansive 4K resolution revealing fine details.  This makes it wonderfully suited for creative workflows whether editing high-megapixel photos in Photoshop or drafting complex vector illustrations. Cad/Cam 3D modeling also benefits from the extra desktop space for interfacing numerous toolbars comfortably across multiple open documents.  Gamers can’t overlook the flat IPS screen either which accurately renders colorful HDR content without contrast shift from different viewing angles. Paired with AMD FreeSync support, both work and gaming remain buttery smooth thanks to variable refresh rates matching output between 30 to 60. Best Ultrawide Monitor: Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

    • Dual UHD 5120x1440p resolution

    • Quantum Matrix HDR 2000

    • 1000R Curved VA panel w/ Quantum Mini LED backlight

    • 240Hz with G-Sync Compatibility

The awe-inspiring Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 utterly envelopes your peripheral vision through its sharply curved 49-inch diagonal matched to a 32:9 ultrawide aspect. This surrounds gamers for immersive play without distracting bezels interrupted across the span. The ‘cockpit effect’ feels akin to wearing a VR headset with more expansive 2500R curvature than previous G9 models.  Gaming content truly pops from the screen too thanks to Samsung’s Quantum Mini LED backlight technology powering searing 2000 nit peak brightness for stellar contrast when paired to the VA panel. This earns an official VESA DisplayHDR 2000 certification to complement Nvidia G-Sync compatibility keeping frame pacing perfectly in sync with high-end GPUs. The incredible spec sheet doesn’t end there either! 5120 x 1440p dual QHD resolution keeps AAA titles looking crisply detailed even while racing along at 240Hz. This faster refresh capability makes gameplay feel exquisitely responsive critical for fast-paced competitive gaming. Ultrawide resolutions transform not just gaming but creative productivity also across extensive 49-inch canvases.  Best Frameless Monitor: Dell S2722QC

    • 27″ curved 4K monitor

    • Slim open-frame design

    • 99% sRGB coverage with IPS color accuracy

    • AMD FreeSync support

The uniquely crafted Dell S2722QC follows a strikingly open design doing away with conventional display borders. This gives off monitor-as-floating-canvas vibes showcasing content across a gently curved 4K panel without distractions. The clean aesthetic makes an ideal showcase centerpiece on any minimalist workstation too.  Vibrant and accurate color reproduction rated at 99% sRGB coverage also bolsters the S2722QC’s studio capabilities for color-correct workflows. Gamers benefit from AMD FreeSync variable refresh rate support and speedy 4ms response time keeping fast action reliably smooth. Overall it becomes a capable triple-threat monitor fitting productivity, creation, and gaming usage cases within a singular stunning frameless chassis!  Best Portable Monitor: ASUS Zenscreen MB16AMT

    • 15.6 inch Full HD portable USB-C monitor

    • Hybrid signal support via USB/HDMI/DisplayPort connectivity

    • Built-in battery keeps display powered for hours

    • Super slim and lightweight construction under 2lbs

The ASUS Zenscreen MB16AMT succeeds where most portable displays fall short by integrating an onboard rechargeable battery keeping productivity possible anywhere work arises. This liberates the MB16AMT from wall sockets while retaining Full HD 1080p resolution across the satisfyingly large 15.6-inch IPS panel keeping cramping at bay. Support for touch input enhances navigation further during travel when preferring direct monitor interaction. By tucking an adjustable smart case behind, the monitor transforms into a mobile workstation with adjustable tilt/orientation possibilities. Then stows away without fuss by folding closed into a compact footprint under 2 lbs total weight. The hybrid connectivity options from USB Type-C, mini-HDMI, and DisplayPort links ensure guaranteed compatibility with virtually any modern laptop too. For maximum portability without sacrificing an inch of capable desk space, the ASUS Zenscreen MB16AMT hits the sweet spot!  Best Ultrawide Monitor Under $500: MSI Optix MAG301CR2

    • 30-inch WFHD 2560x1080p Resolution

    • Rapid 200Hz Refresh Rate

    • 1800R Curvature with VA panel

    • AMD FreeSync support

The enveloping curvature paired with an enveloping price tag under $500, the MSI Optix MAG301CR2 stretches immersive gaming real estate to new extremes without equally stretching budgets! MSI gaming DNA infused throughout promises color-saturated image quality across the sharply angled 30-inch panel. This fills peripheral vision further enhanced by the aggressively steep 1800R curve optimizing ultimate gaming immersion.  The 2560 x 1080 ‘Ultrawide Full HD’ resolution looks satisfyingly sharp in motion retaining crispness. Integrated FreeSync variable refresh further ensures perfectly smooth tearing/stutter-free gameplay from compatible GPUs. Panel response also impresses at just 1ms for reliably keeping up with twitch reactions demanded by fast shooters. All costing mere hundreds rather than four figures? Believe it! MSI makes the next-level ultra-curvy experience more accessible than ever before.  Best Budget Monitor: Acer Nitro XV272U HVbmiiprzx

    • Sharp 27-inch QHD 1440p Resolution

    • Rapid 170Hz Refresh Rate with IPS panel

    • HDR-ready with 95% DCI-P3 color spectrum coverage

    • Nvidia G-Sync compatible

The Acer Nitro XV272U cunningly packs premium gaming features into significantly lighter price tags. Generous 27-inch screen space takes full advantage of crisp QHD 1440p resolution that looks pin sharp for both productivity and gaming uses alike. Vibrant color reproduction rated at 95% DCI-P3 offers lively imaging that feels a noticeable step above mainstream monitors.  Gaming performance stays silky smooth too thanks to 170Hz refresh rates for triple-digit FPS experiences while Nvidia G-Sync compatibility reduces artifacting and screen tearing that could spoil play. Generous connectivity including multiple HDMI 2 ports and DisplayPort allows extensive device pairings as well. If you feel flagship cost tags don’t align with needs, the Nitro XV272 proves genuinely capable compromises need not occur at more modest budgets.  Best Portrait Mode Monitor: HP X24ih

    • 23.8-inch Full HD IPS panel

    • Height/Swivel/Tilt adjustable stand

    • 178° extra wide viewing angles

    • AMD FreeSync supported

The unique stand design supporting both portrait and landscape rotations makes the HP X24ih a versatile choice for turbocharging document workflow across coding, writing, and web browsing tasks. The adjustable mount enables easy switching between horizontal media enjoyment to vertical creation maximizing screen utilization. Content stays visible too when working at off angles thanks to consistent IPS panel viewing.  With essential connectivity bases like HDMI and DisplayPort covered to guarantee broad device compatibility, the HP X24ih makes a fuss-free addition achieving enhanced productivity. Freesync support also enables smoother gaming visuals when taking breaks from intense working sessions at the desk as well. For the price, a great triple-threat office/creation/gaming monitor solution. Best Curved Monitor: Samsung Odyssey G5 LC32G75TQSNXZA

    • 32 inch WQHD 2560 x 1440 Resolution

    • Curved VA panel with 1000R curvature

    • Rapid 165Hz refresh rate + FreeSync Premium

Samsung leverages its manufacturing might deliver this wickedly high spec yet attractively affordable 32-inch monitor packing QHD resolutions matched to 165Hz buttery smooth frame rates. The combination of generous curves plus matte VA panels keeps gaming visuals uniformly vibrant from edge to edge. Samsung also throws in HDR600 compatibility for a striking contrast when viewing bright and dark imagery side by side.  With claimed 1ms response times, gameplay triggered by mouse clicks and controller input impresses with a closely synced on-screen response as well. This becomes critical for competitive gaming scenarios getting the drop on less reactive opponents. The LC32G75TQSNXZA covers core essentials very well catering to gamers wanting deeper immersion without completely emptying wallets.  Best Ultrawide Curved Monitor under $300: Sceptre 35-inch C355W-3440UN

    • 35 inch 3440x1440p Ultrawide resolution

    • 100Hz Refresh Rate with 1800R curved panel

    • AMD FreeSync variable refresh rate support

    • Extremely affordable sub $300 cost

We never expected such an impressively large 21:9 ultrawide monitor to fall below this price bracket, yet here we are! The Sceptre C355W-3440UN pushes crisp QHD+ resolution across an immersively curvy 35-inch VA panel. The aggressively angled 1800R curvature completely envelopes peripheral vision making gaming or movies feel akin to VR visuals but without cumbersome headsets.  Considering the sheer display dimensions, Sceptre still enables up to 100Hz refresh rates for smoothly fluid gaming that outclasses bigger standard 16:9 monitors. AMD FreeSync support also reduces ugly tearing artifacts when frame rates fluctuate in demanding game engines. For the cost of many smaller 16:9 monitors, challenger brand Sceptre brings ultra immersion to the masses in spectacular style!  Best Monitor for Creatives: BenQ PD3220U DesignVue

    • Sharp 32-inch 4K IPS Panel

    • Optimized for CAD/CAM with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity

    • 100% Rec.709 and sRGB color spaces covered

The BenQ PD3220U beautifully realizes a specialized studio-grade monitor for 2D/3D computer-aided design work. Thoroughly optimized throughout for accelerating creative digital workflows spanning detailed photo editing to animating complex vector paintings across the generous 32-inch 4K canvas. Videographers appreciate extensive Rec. 709 plus 10-bit depth support for color-correcting HDR footage faithfully too.  The custom-designed stand arrowhead base neatly integrates keyboard storage space as well to declutter desk space further. While intuitive Hotkey Puck streamlines application switching speed by assigning shortcuts /presets to onboard controls instead of menus. With thorough attention to detail elevating workflow, the PD3220U becomes a formidable creative tool rather than a passive display alone. Partners perfectly complement intensive design usage for pros.

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